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Q: What are the benefits of using the official Presents For Pets donation box?


  1. It’s a recognized Trademark Program

  2. People donate with confidence

  3. Website & social media support

  4. Ease of use for Volunteers

  5. Boxes are reusable

Presents For Pets is beginning to establish itself as a nationally recognized donation program that preapproves participants and registered non-profit groups as recipients of the donated items.  People and businesses have more confidence in spending their money and donating to the organization that is using the PFP donation boxes.

As PFP grows and more groups are registered, their organization is listed on our website as well as their PFP donation drive event.


Q: Who is eligible to receive PFP donation boxes?

A: We work with other non-profit organizations that desire to provide assistance in collecting donations to benefit homeless pets in their community. Groups such as animal rescues, animal shelters, civic groups, religious groups or individuals that are working directly with a local animal rescue group or shelter.

Other special events or organized community projects will also be considered on a per request/application basis. Individuals can also conduct a Private Party Supply Drive (pet birthday, "Gotcha Day" party). 


Q: How does my organization obtain donation boxes?

A:  The PFP Program Application form is located under the Contact Us tab on our website. 


Q: How long will it take to receive our boxes?

A: Please allow 2 weeks. Approximately 1 week to verify your organization and event plans. Approximately 1 week for shipping.  (Boxes are shipped from Georgia)


Q: How often and how many PFP boxes can we request?

A: We will honor your request once every 24 months.  We ship 3 to 6 boxes per request.  If additional boxes are needed, a detailed Event Plan is requested in writing.  Since our boxes are durable and fold for easy storage, we encourage groups to save their boxes for multiple donation drive events. 


Q: Are there specific items we can or cannot collect while using our PFP boxes?

A: The “Wish list” or supply list of needed items should be prepared by your local animal rescue or shelter.  They know best what is needed and wanted for the pets in their care.


Q: I want to make a donation but I haven’t seen one of the PFP donation boxes in my community. What can I do?

A: Contact your local animal rescue or shelter to make a direct donation. They usually welcome donations at any time of new and used items.  Check their website for a list of urgently needed items.  They may not be aware of Presents For Pets so please share our information with them.  Also, consider volunteering and begin the process of a PFP donation drive with them. 


Q: If I make a donation directly to Presents For Pets, how will the money be used?

A: Individual donation dollars are placed in a separate account. They are not used for operating expenses.  These funds are dispersed to various non-profit animal rescue groups that have previously participated in our PFP donation program, according to the greatest need. -or-

  • You can Be a Supply Drive Supporter and for $40.00, your donation will cover the cost of a 3 Box Package that will be sent to a group requesting them. We will gladly notify you when your Presents For Pets Box Package is sent and who is receiving your gift.   


Q: Can we just use your Presents For Pets logo and make our own boxes?

A: Once you have completed an application and we verify your non-profit organization’s status, you will receive a Welcome Kit for your event.  Included in that Welcome Kit is a letter of authorization to use the PFP logo in various formats to promote your donation drive. We prefer that you use the boxes that will be provided to you to maintain uniformity in its appearance.

The Presents For Pets logo is a trademarked logo.  Unauthorized use is not permitted.


Q: What is included in the ‘Welcome Kit”?

A: The Welcome Kit arrives in digital form;

  • Welcome Letter from our Board of Directors

  • Permission letter to use our logo for promotional purposes

  • Presents For Pets – Donation Box  - Guidelines for Use

  • A Planning Your Donation Drive checklist

  • Promotional Flyer – pdf

  • Example letter(s) to introduce your event & request for box placement

  • What you can expect from us – information sheet

  • Post Event Reporting Form


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