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Planning Your Donation / Supply Drive 
1.    Select the animal rescue or shelter that will receive the donated goods.
2.    Contact that organization to see if they desire to receive these items.  Inquire if they currently conduct their own similar event to ensure there won’t be a duplication of effort.
•    Obtain a suggested list of items that are needed.
•    Identify the contact person at the rescue/shelter that you’ll be working with.
•    Ask if they will assist in promoting your supply drive by posting the information on their website and social media sources, once you have your details in place.
•    Choose a date for your event.
3.    Volunteers – Identify your Team!   This may be an organization you are a member of. (Church, school, club, business, neighborhood association or your personal project) We suggest a minimum

of 3 people to start. 
•    Team Leader -  This person is your key contact person for this event. 
•    Team Members – These people will assist in promoting your event and assist during the Event Day activities.  
4.    Choose a location for your event day. This is where your donations will be brought or purchased.

If you are planning additional event activities, this location must be easily accessible to the public.   
Event ideas;
Private Party – your home - This might be your own Birthday Party and your guests are bringing donations for the pets instead of gifts for you.  Celebrate your pet's birthday or Adoption Day and donate gifted items to your local rescue or shelter pets.
Work Place – clients are asked to make donations during a specific period of time.  Maybe connected to your business anniversary date or customer appreciation day.  
Church – a giving activity coordinated by the Youth Group along with Volunteering at the rescue/shelter. A specific Sunday is chosen to celebrate, donate and show a video presentation of the work done by the youth.  
School – Proclaim your own “We Love Our Pets Day”.  Demonstrate your concern for the pets in your community that don’t have a home…bring good, used items from home that your pet doesn’t need anymore.  Many items used by rescue groups or shelters may already be in your home…no additional purchase necessary.
Club – your organization may have a “Giving Back to Our Community” action that varies from year to year.  Have members personally donate at a specific meeting or coordinate a public Call to Action Campaign.
Holidays – Use the Presents for Pets donation containers at various stores throughout the community.  People will begin to associate these containers and pet supply drive to another well known holiday donation drive!
5.    Once you have identified the type of donation/supply drive event you’ll be conducting, complete an on-line Presents For Pets Program Box Application.  Please identify how many donation boxes you’ll need and be prepared to list the locations these boxes will be placed.
6.    Plan your promotional campaign – if you’re having a party, invitations will be all that’s necessary. Whether you’re mailing them or using Evite, please remember to include us!
When requesting donations from the public, list your local “free” media resources. Newspaper, Public Service Announcements (PSA) on local radio, websites, Facebook, Twitter, posters, Customer Billing Statement stuffers-water bills, electric company, pizza box toppers, shopping bag inserts, etc.  Place Flyers at your local Veterinarian offices.
7.    If your Donation / Supply Drive containers are placed at various locations and for an extended period, ensure that your Volunteers have a schedule to check on the donations and empty the boxes in a timely manner.  Also, make sure the business has your name and contact information in case they need to notify you that your box is full 😊
8.    When boxes are at stores, ask if a Cashier can scan the items that were purchased and give you a “training tape” to keep for your records. This will be helpful when thanking the store & it’s customers.  This is also vital information to report to Presents For Pets at the end of your event. 
9.    Final event day – celebrate your success! Send out email reminders reminding people to attend. Stack up all of your donations.  Take photos of your Volunteers, your Rescue/Shelter Representative receiving the donations and include pets if possible.  Take photos for public use with all of the same media sources to thank your community for their support.   
10.    Send Thank you letters to specific businesses or other highly supportive organizations or individuals.
11.    Have a post-event meeting to review what worked, list things that you’d change, list ideas and/or feedback that you received during the process.  Save and store all of your resources (boxes) for your next event!
12.    Pick a date for your next Donation Drive! Pat your self on the back…you are Pawsome!
13.    Complete your Post-Event reporting form for Presents For Pets.  Email photos, etc. for use on our website and Facebook page. Your feedback is important to us. Thank you!

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