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How Presents For Pets Provides 


Presents For Pets (PFP) is supported financially by Individual Donors and Corporate Sponsors.  With the funds obtained, PFP has cardboard donation boxes manufactured and printed with the PFP logo.  These boxes are stored and then shipped to animal advocacy groups or individuals that desire to organize and run a supply drive campaign in their local community.


Currently - Presents For Pets Provides Locally

   Volunteers are instructed to complete an online request/application form.  They must qualify to receive these containers, at no cost, by meeting specific criteria.

   PFP Volunteers/Staff will verify applicant information.  Once approved, the boxes are shipped to you.  The number of boxes given to a group is determined by the type of campaign and the size of the organization and community. In order to provide boxes to as many groups as possible, PFP can only honor one request per group every 24 months.

   PFP also provides promotional content that can be used by the group as they plan, promote and conduct their supply drive. (Permission to use the PFP logo, letter of request to local businesses asking for participation and support, instructions for volunteers and suggested use of the donation boxes) Presents For Pets will provide online promotional support through their website and social media outlets.

   The success of the supply drive depends ultimately upon the organizers of the campaign, the support of the local community and the generosity of the people who donate items for the pets.

   Recipients are asked to provide feedback once the supply drive is completed. (Data such as; the number of items received, estimated dollar value, locations where boxes were placed and provide photos of their event for promotional purposes) This follow-up information is essential to PFP in obtaining additional and continued sponsorship support.


Our Future Goal - Presents For Pets will provide Regionally and Nationally

   Through state and national corporate support, Presents For Pets will be a recognized, branded donation program established to assist various animal advocates in the collection of donated items needed to provide continued care for pets awaiting adoption into their forever homes.

   Donors and Sponsors can provide support through financial donations, in-kind giving of materials, services, products or promotional initiatives.  Corporate Sponsors can offer a higher level of visibility and credibility to Presents For Pets through endorsement and name recognition.

A Public Call to Action

  • Donate items to your local Presents For Pets (PFP) supply drive.

  • Allow your local group to place a PFP container at your business or organization.

  • Donate your time by Volunteering with the animal advocacy group that has placed the PFP donation container.

  • Make a tax-deductible donation to Presents For Pets

  • Mail your donation to: Presents For Pets,  PO Box 1479, Jasper, GA 30143    

  • Donate online at:

  • Follow us on facebook. Share and help us get the word out about what we are doing.

  • Support your local animal rescue group(s) or shelter by volunteering or donating.

  • Be an animal advocate through your support of animal rights laws in your community, state and across our nation.

  • Spay or Neuter your pet(s)

  • Adopt your next family pet from your local rescue or shelter.

  • Be Kind to Animals – Teach Others – Be a voice for those that have none.

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