Presents for Pets provides custom printed containers used for collecting donated items to benefit animals in need. These containers are provided at no cost to various groups that desire to help homeless pets in their community.



  • To promote a publicly recognized donation program that encourages others to give with confidence.

  • To provide containers that are printed with the Presents For Pets logo to qualified animal rescues, shelters, civic groups or other organizations that desire to obtain donated items that directly benefit homeless pets in their community.

  • Future Considerations – establish a collection and distribution site for new donated pet products (dog-cat).



The Presents For Pets Program was established to support Volunteers of various organizations in their collection of new donated items that are needed by the homeless pets in their community.  By having a publicly recognized donation container that is placed in retail stores, businesses, schools, churches, etc., people can have confidence in the organization that has received and placed the Presents For Pets container. These containers are sent to various, viable non-profit groups at no cost, upon their request, to be used for supply drives throughout the year but especially during the holiday season. By making the act of donating more convenient, more people can participate in providing for the needs of homeless pets in their community.

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We are seeking BOX Sponsors for the 2021 holiday season. Please consider supporting Presents For Pets. We thank you for your consideration.

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